God is Within You Right Now (but there’s a catch) – July 2020 (15:10)

It’s a tricky business, knowing how to fully inhabit your own skin, in this and every present moment of life. Few of us manage it. And even fewer of us know our own true identity, and why we’re here. As it turns out…those 2 dilemmas are closely related.


Self-Kindness as a Spiritual Practice – June 10, 2020 (24:05)

Why and how to treat the inner egoic self with kindness, compassion, patience and respect–for maximum spiritual benefit.



Video thumbnail Miracle Cafe

Miracle Cafe – The 3 Essential Keys – April 28, 2020 (59:10)

The full (slightly unwieldy) title is: The 3 Essential Keys to Knowing the Christed Self Within. This was a zoom lecture originally scheduled as a live event for students of A Course in Miracles, sponsored by the good folks at Miracle Cafe in London.


Self Love, Divine Love: a 2-pronged approach to the spiritual journey – 2018  (54:06)
Armin Rott’s interview for the Awaken to Love global ACIM conference in November 2018. (The book I refer to in the interview is The Fricken Map is Upside Down.)


Right This Very Minute – 2016  (6:16)
To know yourself as you really are in truth — It’s easy, and it’s equally available to everybody. No enlightenment needed.


At The Movies – 2016  (7:13)
I’m pretty sure that what we think of as “enlightenment” is actually no big deal…and it’s within everybody’s grasp. Roll film.


Your Divine Inheritance – 2016  (7:51)
Go grab a mug of something hot, and let’s talk about just how rich you really are…


What is the Higher Self – 2016  (8:03)
It may not be what you think. (Or maybe it is.) Either way, isn’t it time to get to know YourSelf firsthand?