about one-to-one facilitation
I offer one-to-one mentorship for individuals who are ready for rapid personal evolution—while being genuinely kind to the self. My most recent book describes in detail the approach I use, and the miracles of transformation that have resulted from it. Contact me using the form below to schedule a session.


“After twenty plus years of spiritual seeking, I was increasingly frustrated by my sticky patterns that just wouldn’t go away. ‘Shouldn’t I be consistently happy by now? Why is my life feeling more confusing and turbulent than ever before, instead of easier and more joyful? I felt like a total failure. 
Then I started working with Carrie one-on-one. She is an absolute delight, someone with whom I can talk about all this with total honesty and laugh about it together. In her presence I feel loved, listened to, and completely understood. I really respect her authenticity and candor—I mean, how often do we come across teachers who are as honest, relatable, and funny as she is, willing to openly share not just her brilliant insights and incredible journey but her own quirks and struggles?
In our sessions, Carrie guides me through powerful meditations that help me get in direct touch with the truth of my being. It is the most beautiful, heart-opening experience in which I am gently reunited with all my inner aspects, including those who appeared to be saboteurs, enemies, and even monsters. As a result I now genuinely feel more loving, compassionate, understanding, and patient with myself than ever before, not because I said a million positive affirmations, but because I experienced firsthand the holy innocence of all my “inconvenient” aspects.
I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful to have found Carrie as my compassionate (and humorous) guide through this journey. She has shown me that the path can indeed be gentle and joyous—and that there really isn’t anything that we can’t love.”
~ R.Y., New York


“Carrie is guiding and supporting me in a very gentle, soft and loving way [in these sessions]. I trust her fully and it is a pleasure to have her at my side. To remove the obstacles to the awareness of Love is my path, and I am very grateful to have Carrie as a companion.”   ~ U.W., South Africa


No-Risk Introductory Session:
The purpose of the introductory session is to find out if you and I are a good fit. There’s a facilitator for everybody, and I may or may not be the right one for you at this time.

The introductory session is one hour in length, at a reduced price of $25 US.

At the end of the session, if one or both of us decides not
to continue working together, your payment will be refunded.
Session Pricing
$75.00 US per one hour session.
For those who are experiencing ongoing financial difficulty, yet feel deeply drawn to doing this work, we can discuss your circumstance via email prior to the first session, and come to an appropriate partial scholarship arrangement.

Once your introductory session is scheduled, you will be sent an invoice. Please pay it in advance of your session. Thank you.