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Connecting the dots – 2012  (5.20)

Here’s a simple way to describe non-judgment: You have one dot over here and another dot over there. So, through non-judging eyes, what do you see? Two unrelated dots, nothing more…


An ongoing conversation with Gary Goldberg of In The Spirit radio, WRPI (Troy, NY). This most recent installment covers lots of aspects of awakening. And sourdough pretzels. And The Fricken Map is Upside Down. February 2020. (54:11)


I chat with Gary Goldberg of In The Spirit radio, WRPI (Troy, NY) about life, spirituality, and The Fricken Map is Upside Down. Not necessarily in that order.  December 2019. (51:35)

Guided meditations, exercises & audio recordings


The blended rose-gold frequencies of the divine feminine/divine masculine Christ  — audio recording (2:35)

The following is an unadulterated, unprocessed audio recording of vocal toning sung by Adele Robertson (with Steve Wood and occasionally me in the background), recorded in St. Oran’s chapel on the Isle of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides. These tones carry the frequencies of the blended rose-gold energies of the feminine/masculine Christ.

This is purely about frequency and energy; there is no particular association with historical Christed figures in this recording, despite the chapel location.

Afterward we were explicitly advised (by unseen ‘audio engineers!’) not to fiddle with the sound quality of this recording, or enhance the voices, as it would alter the recorded Christ frequencies and diminish their purity.

Hence this very rough and sometimes off-key (that would be me) recording, in which Adele walks around the chapel, often with her back to the microphone. Also present for this recording were a great many ancient divine beings (who did not sing) and some baby birds in a nest in the rafters (who did). Overlook the technical imperfection if you can, and let the sounds wash through your energy field as you rest in the rose-gold frequencies of the unified blended Christ.


1. Becoming familiar with radiant Awareness  — guided meditation (3:01)

When Awareness is explored with conscious intention, its divine aspects automatically start to blossom. Our higher self seems able to use our intentional explorations of Awareness as a sort of Light-filled highway system within the mind, sending divine wisdom and inspiration into regions that may have never accessed it before. Try this simple exercise to become familiar with slipping into the state of radiant Awareness.


2. Awareness in the present moment  — guided meditation (4:47)

This is the cornerstone of nearly all the other meditation exercises I currently work with; they begin from the spaciousness of present moment Awareness. Mastery of this easy-to-cultivate inner state is kind of a prerequisite. From here, our explorations can go anywhere and generally do.