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Carrie Triffet & Steve Wood
This soothing guided meditation audio harnesses the power of sound…
By inviting you to use vocal tones to connect with your own energy centers, as we travel the river of chakra energy together.
This spoken meditation audio helps you relax your body, clear your mind and open yourself up to transcendent inner wisdom. Listen to a sample (containing Steve Wood’s soothing background music) below.



Steve Wood
A musical soundscape without words. This deeply relaxing vocal tonescape explores the territories where chakra tones meet and overlap—creating new harmonic tones and rhythms in the process.
The warm blended tones of Chakra Harmonic Tonescapes are created entirely by Steve’s own voice. No other instruments are added. Chakra Harmonic Tonescapes is often chosen by healing arts practitioners as background music for their client sessions. Also great to listen to just before bedtime, or as background music during your own meditation practice. Listen to a sample below.



Watch the short video below for a quick explanation of the FountainLight Breathing Practice.

This audio program includes:

• I am the love of my life: (a field guide to unconditional love for self and others) An audio-book designed to help you get the most from your FountainLight practice
• Step-by-step instructions for the expanded baseline breathing practice plus a 5-minute baseline breathing practice session
• A 10-minute guided FountainLight practice session
• A daily 20-minute guided meditation (combined with another 10 minutes of relaxation/baseline breath, for a total of roughly 30 minutes)
• A second version of the daily meditation that’s purely instrumental, for those who (after mastering the technique) prefer to experience FountainLight without the guided vocal track.
A FountainLight once-daily breathing session takes approximately 30 minutes to do. Ideally this practice should continue daily for at least 6 weeks without interruption, to see maximum benefit.



FountainLight has been carefully tested with a group of beta-tester volunteers from around the world. Following are some of their unsolicited comments about the FountainLight program.

OMG! my experience with FountainLight has been profound!!! The light takes me into a gloriously deep meditative state. I’m experiencing vibration in the body–little explosions that spread out in waves.”
~P.D., Germany

“The feeling is of great peace. The music is exquisite, it is as though I am holding hands with LOVE. FountainLight is the lightning strike that explodes the particles of beliefs within separation. The more I do it, the more I awaken to what I have always been – ONE. Thank you again, and again.”
~M. M., New South Wales

When I began FountainLight I was deeply attracted to the word gentle. Until now I have dug and stomped around in my own particular hell, and this [gentle approach] sounded refreshing and unique. In the first FountainLight meditation I was surprised when there arose a deep hatred I had not noticed before. But it attracted my curiosity instead of my usual defensiveness. No blame, no attack, so I could just gently look at it … That in itself is such a huge gift. Thanx so much.”
[A few weeks later:] I am totally hooked. Cannot wait to get in there each day and play. Now [my pattern of] deep hatred is being looked at with much kindness. It gets softer each day, and I am discovering when I hand over all outcomes to God, the end of this epic war will be miraculous.”
~S. D., USA

I have noticed that thanks to FountainLight I belly breathe most of the time now–without thought. I have also noticed I don’t seem to have the “anxiety breathing” that I used to have–you know where you can’t catch your breath and you feel so anxious without any known reason. As well, I am calmer, “softer,” and find it almost automatic to slide into right-minded thinking without often even being aware of doing it.”
~L. B., Canada

I used to have a lot of anger and attack thoughts. The attack thoughts are still there but now [since FountainLight] it is much easier to catch them and see them for the projections they are. I look forward daily to sitting down with the music and the Light and just allowing. I’m really enjoying this process and the music is beautiful–the sound is so integral to this experience of sitting with Carrie’s teachings. Today I felt tears form behind my eyelids when I heard the first OM sound. It seems to touch me in a manner that goes beyond the physical. Thank you!”
~D. D., Canada

I do the Fountainlight in the evening. It seemed to improve the depth of my sleep – bonus! I have been thoroughly enjoying [this practice]. The music is really powerful. I just love the little surprises buried within the tones! The tingles, bubbles, the birds at the end…love that! They are like gentle reminders of truth.”
~M. B., USA:

This breathing practice is truly bringing old stuck beliefs to the surface. It really is gentle about it too…FountainLight is beyond what I expected! And I do feel so, so loved in this process. Thank you, Carrie and Steve!”
~ S.C., USA

Several years ago I tore my rotator cuff. Two options: a) surgery or b) chiropractor. I chose chiropractic and yoga. Eight months later it was healed. Lately I have been shoveling a lot of snow. On Monday morning a great big chunk of ice was hiding beneath the snow and DAMN, there went the shoulder again. But I had an idea. During my FountainLight meditation I asked the injured body part to relax and receive. And some magnificent part of me said OK. Woke up Tuesday morning realizing OMG-OMG-OMG my shoulder is healed!
~S.D., USA


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FREE E-BOOK – I Am The Love Of My Life
In her easygoing, accessible style, Carrie describes the nature of the barriers we’ve built against awareness of our own greatness – and what we can do to start living a life filled with lots more love, freedom and joy.
This free e-book also includes an introduction to the FountainLight breathing practice and is included as an audiobook with the Fountainlight Audio Program. Click the download link below for this free PDF e-book.

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A short instructional video explaining the breathing technique

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand explanations. This short animation shows you how.