I’m hardly ever here…check me out on Substack

Sorry I’ve been AWOL on my own website. I haven’t stopped writing, by any means. I just haven’t been doing it here.

These days I do all of my writing of newsletters and blogs over on Substack, which is a much better multimedia platform for such things.

Please check me out there; you can subscribe for free, or gift me by taking a paid subscription.

I don’t mind either way — I always love to receive a spontaneous gift given from the heart. But I have no desire to force you (or guilt you) to pay in exchange for access to content. My content is freely given. Any gift received back will be cherished due to the open-hearted spirit behind it.

For you, this means all content is identical for free and paid subscribers, and freely available to all, including extra book, audio and video content not found here on my website.

Carrie Triffet: The Newsletter is my main Substack, full of the lengthy sort of spiritually-themed newsletter articles I always write. Most of them are also offered as audio recordings, so you can choose whether to read or listen.

You’ll receive that one in your email inbox once every 3-4 weeks. (And you can always go directly to my home page on the Substack website itself, for full access to all my previous newsletters and other material.)

Tales From a Half Wild Garden is my secondary Substack. It’s a more informal blog about my ever-evolving, spiritually-based relationship with Nature, as seen through the lens of gardening, and off-grid/lighter impact living. It’s not overtly teachy, and not in-your-face spiritual. Yet I feel its subject matter is easily as important as my other,  more overtly spiritual writings, as we all move forward toward new, higher consciousness ways of being, on this planet.

These Half Wild posts are shorter, and they arrive in your inbox approximately once every 10 days.  All of them are offered as audio recordings as well. And of course you’ll find all the earlier posts on the Half Wild home page.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to one or both.


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