Week 11-B – The Body's Role in Awakening (Part 2)

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Welcome to week eleven-B of this free series. Settle into your own comfy chair, grab a mug of something nice, and read on.

(The following content is excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, by Carrie Triffet © Copyright 2019.)

The body’s role in awakening (continued)

Here is one other important aspect of the body’s role with-
in awakening consciousness:

In much the same way that the body will not be bypassed
even though it isn’t real, the world itself
(totally ultra-not-real as well!) can’t be bypassed either.

The world and everything in it, including our own body, must
be loved and embraced, welcomed and forgiven. Only after we
forgive it and accept its present-moment imperfect-perfection,
will its illusory nature become clear to us. Only then can we
begin to truly see like the Creator sees, thereby transcending
the world.

But here’s the funny thing: Even when when we’re looking
past the illusion, to see like the Creator sees, the world’s il-
lusory nature still won’t inspire us to ignore it or dismiss it or
bypass it. Anything but.

Yes, we do transcend the world, but that’s because
everywhere in the world we look, we recognize
heaven on Earth. Even though the world may still be behaving
as it always has. And that recognition of the world’s inherent
holiness might very well inspire us to take helpful action.

Or, perhaps more accurately, to BE helpful action.

Gandhi said it, and it’s one of the world’s most brilliant,
bumper-sticker-friendly spiritual quotes of all time. Be the
change you wish to see in the world.

The quote is deservedly famous. It points directly toward
infinite transcendent wisdom, yet still manages to offer
practical advice no matter what our level of consciousness
might happen to be right now. It meets us where we’re at.
And then when our own consciousness deepens, we discover
the quote does too.

Levels upon levels of meaning, all pointing directly toward truth.

On the surface, Be the change you wish to see in the world
is simple and obvious. It means if you hate seeing litter in the
park, go be the one to clean it up. (And it’s okay if you silently
bitch to yourself about the messy habits of others while you’re
doing it. At least you’re inspired to take action. You’re helping
to make your neighborhood a tidier place for all to enjoy.)

The next deeper level of meaning would be, for example, if
you want to see more peace in the world, alter your own per-
sonal behavior and attitude in order to plant the seeds of peace.

Help your neighbors—yes maybe even those same messy ones
who litter in the park. And then take it further. Be patient and
respectful with those of differing opinions. Prioritize coopera-
tion in all you do, rather than competition or conflict.

The next deeper level after that carries an exponentially
greater degree of personal commitment: If you want a peaceful
world, think peaceful thoughts. This one is harder. Because, as
we know, peaceful thoughts are not usually the subterranean
self ’s preferred form of expression. Not all the time, anyway,
because we’re bumping up against the distinctly un-peaceful
thoughts of others (as well as our own) all day long.

It would take a Herculean amount of self-mastery to remain
at peace within the mosh pit of collective human expression.
Yet the aspirational decision not to participate in this collec-
tive tumult, is a profound one.

Thoughts, like everything else in existence, are vibratory in nature.
They matter. They CREATE matter. To only contribute thought-forms
of peaceful intent, therefore, would be a wonderful gift to the planet, indeed.

Yet even that isn’t as deep as the rabbit hole goes. This, to me,
is the true and final meaning of Be the change: If you want to
see a more peaceful world, be peace itself. Embody peace until
peace is your sole identity. You will then, quite naturally, be a
beacon of true peace, radiating it to all others. And because
you are its radiant epicenter, a peaceful world emanates from
your very being.

This is how key the body’s role is, in both the awakening
process and the type of world service one might be inspired
to perform on behalf of all beings. The clue is in the word:
Embodiment. Em-body-ment.

It is only when the Light of divinity is embodied—metabolized by
(and therefore as) the body—that your divine self can start to show up as you.

When Light is embodied, peace can start to walk around as
you. You emanate the vibratory signature of peace itself, which
carries the divine potential to influence the entire collective for
the greater good of all. Therefore, your contribution to world
peace is exponentially greater than it could otherwise be.

Gandhi embodied peace. He was also a social activist. Hence
his suggestion that if we want to engage in some seriously pow-
erful activism, we should take inspired action to pick up the
litter and help our neighbor too. Engage in all the levels of Be
the change
. But for maximum impact, do it from the stand-
point of embodied peace. When we do, he suggests, we’ll see
for ourselves how radically and powerfully our illusory world
changes to reflect us.

It doesn’t just have to be peace, of course. The world is sorely
in need of just about any higher-vibration state you can think of.
I choose to be kindness. I choose to be self-forgiveness. I choose
to be the infinite recognition that cauliflower-loving bugs are di-
vine beings in truth.

Our inner radiance of whatever embodied state we choose, is what gets powerfully transmitted to all. It doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker, but that’s okay.

~ Carrie Triffet, excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, © Copyright 2019

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