Week 11 – The Body's Role in Awakening (Part 1)

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Welcome to week eleven of this free series. Settle into your own comfy chair, grab a mug of something nice, and read on.

(The following content is excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, by Carrie Triffet © Copyright 2019.)

Over the decades grace offered me more than one awaken-
ing opportunity I’d seemingly said yes to. At least, the top ten
percent of the iceberg said yes. But sometimes in more recent
years, a much larger percentage—maybe even a majority per-
centage of the self appeared to have said yes as well. Or so I
thought. Yet I never seemed able to hold onto any of these
awakenings for more than a few days at most.

As it turned out, this body, bless its heart, wasn’t structurally
ready to handle all that divine Light. Part of the human body’s
job description is to accept every uncomfortable memory or
traumatic belief we don’t feel able to deal with on a conscious
level. Even stuff we don’t know about.

With grave determination and steadfast loyalty, the body
stores all this un-decomposed gunk inside its own energy field,
and within the physical cells. So to some degree, it doesn’t even
matter if our conscious mind is interested in awakening. Our
unconscious stuff hidden deep in the physical body and energy
field is busy doing its own robustly oblivious thing—and what
it’s doing is the opposite of what’s required for awakening.

So let’s say grace smiles upon us, and we experience a trans-
cendent moment of spiritual Light, eternal bliss and divine
unconditional Love. Our energy field (which includes the
body, of course; it’s just the slowest, densest portion of our
field) is flooded with recognition of the magnificent Love-
Light-Awareness that’s always here in truth.

Yet if our energy field is chock full of old unresolved stuff,
and our cells are filled to the brim with lower frequency, un-
conscious beliefs about our self and our world, there is no
room for that flood of high frequency Light to find a perma-
nent home. If our cells are unable to let go of old unconscious
stuff, they can’t make enough room in which to digest and me-
tabolize high frequency Light.

As one who unknowingly spent years pushing vast quanti-
ties of spiritual Light at myself in hopes of profound transfor-
mation, I can tell you this: If the cells can’t metabolize it, the
Light will have nowhere to go. It will spark around and around
in your system in highly uncomfortable ways, short circuiting
until it eventually burns itself out. No harm done, it’s just not
pleasant or helpful.

Various techniques exist for clearing and opening the cells,
to help them make room to metabolize ever-greater amounts
of Light. These range from emotional processing of the old
stored traumatic gunk; to mysticism and spiritual alchemy;
to release of stuck energy through breathwork; and even to
purely nutritional means.

(Purely nutritional means: There are those who are convinced
spiritual enlightenment comes as an inevitable byproduct of
nutritionally healthy cell function. When super-healthy cells
are correctly doing their thing, they can metabolize maximum
amounts of high frequency Light. Therefore, the theory goes,
if we strive to make our cells super-healthy, we’ll be so Light-
filled that embodied awakening will just sort of happen all
by itself. I’d love it if that were true. And who knows, maybe
it is. It has not, however, been my experience, nor that of
anybody I know.)

In any case, whatever methods you choose to employ, I heart-
ily recommend making some room in your cells for greater
amounts of spiritual Light to dwell there. I recommend it even
if your spiritual path of choice might not seem, at first glance,
to support that direction.

Many excellent spiritual teachings say the body is not real,
and that is certainly true. The only thing that’s real and true is
Love-Light-Awareness, or Source, or God-Creator, or what-
ever the heck you want to call it.

Or if you want to be even more excruciatingly accurate,
we would ultimately look past creation and creatorship altogether,
to the formless Absolute.The Absolute is the only unchanging reality.
Creation, which includes bodies, qualifies only as illusory stuff.
Y’know, for gaming purposes.

Be that as it may. I know the body isn’t real. You know the
body isn’t real. But the body itself has no fricken idea it isn’t
real. It may therefore require some patient help to get up to
speed on that bit of news. Until it does, it will obliviously and
effectively deflect all our attempts to metabolize more spiritual
Light. And (unless it turns out they’re right about that nutri-
tion business) there won’t be a damn thing we can do about it.

I speak from long experience. I came into this world with
a profound desire to not come into this world. I didn’t want
to be in a body. That’s not a unique attitude; lots of shy or em-
pathic or artistic or spiritual or introverted or sensitive people
feel much the same. They’re born, they take one look around
and say, ‘Oh, HELL no.’

And the rest of their lives are spent tiptoeing around grudg-
ingly, barely present inside their own skin. I was one of those.

When I finally turned to spiritual practices, naturally I gravi-
tated to one that denied the body’s reality. The body is an illu-
sion, you say? Excellent!
I couldn’t wait to shed that shit, and
cavort as pristine spirit instead. And now I had the best pos-
sible excuse.

Yet bypassing the body never works. Even though it seems
(to some of us) to be merely an unwelcome tag-along we never
meant to invite to the divinity party. We’re simply not going
anyplace without it.

When the body is perceived as an unsafe enemy, or a shad-
owy bucket of shame and trauma, we cannot and will not leave
it behind. In my experience, an absolute prerequisite for last-
ing peace is the willingness to surrender completely into being
here, which includes being in the body.

If you’re an athlete entirely comfortable with your own
physicality, being in the body may not sound like a big deal.
But if you’ve never tried it, you may be surprised to discover
just how challenging a practice it can be, to sit quietly for any
length of time in presence, inside your own body.

If you recall, this is where all our old undigested gunk is
stored, and to be present in the body means we’ve stopped
running away from everything that’s been warehoused here.
We don’t get to bypass our stuff, on the way to transcendent
peace. We don’t have to nitpick and analyze it, but we do have
to sit still willingly and agree to be present with it in the Light
of Awareness.

No matter what it looks like or how it behaves, the body
and its storehouse of stuff is worthy of Love and acceptance.
Maybe even heartfelt gratitude, too, for its decades of unsung
effort. Slowly, eventually, the body becomes recognized as a
cherished friend. And at that point, we find the physical self is
no longer an obstacle to awakening, because we’re not trying
to escape from it anymore.

A few years ago, I was still pretty heavily into hatred and resist-
ance toward my own body. I hated how it looked and acted.
Various body parts and certain bodily functions still held deep
shame. I was consciously aware by then none of this was actu-
ally the body’s fault.

I wanted to feel genuine gratitude for my body, knowing it
didn’t deserve the unrelenting abuse I heaped upon it. I longed
to be able to look at myself in the mirror and not criticize what
I saw there. For years I’d been working with self-love and self-
acceptance in meditation, yet the fiercely critical inner judge
wasn’t even slightly impressed by my efforts.

Back then I still perceived the wisdom of the higher self as
coming in from somewhere other than my own core essence.
One morning, fresh out of the shower and full of dissatisfac-
tion with my shameful physicality, I received an unusually
frank message from my higher self about the body’s true na-
ture. Here is an excerpt:

Your body is perfect. Your body is an indivisible part of a perfect
system of creation, which was intentionally chosen by you, and
by all of humanity.

At the inception of the soul, each human is gifted with a verti-
cal column of Light originating from divine Source. It is part of
the non-physical aspect of the human body. The Light runs verti-
cally up the center of the physical body structure.

This stream of Light is constantly with you, it is yours. It con-
tains the full knowledge of your own individual aspect of divin-
ity, your own true identity, and all the Love that heaven holds
for you. You couldn’t lose it if you tried—and you have indeed
tried very hard.

Your body is also gifted with a system of energy centers, each
one vibrating at its own unique frequency. Everything in your
world, your universe, is composed of energy in motion. The body
is no exception. Everything is vibration, operating at various fre-
quencies from very low to very high.

Unconditional Love is a vibrational frequency—a very high
one. If you want to embody the state of unconditional Love (and
you say you do) it is merely a matter of raising your own ener-
getic frequencies high enough to be compatible with it.

You have been asking, ‘What holds me back from fully em-
bodying the state of unconditional Love? What holds me back
from releasing the personal self and choosing divinity as my true
expression on this plane?’

This is what holds you back. The body is a vehicle of divin-
ity. It was always designed to be. Yes, in your experience it has
uncomfortable urges, inconvenient needs. It shits, it farts. It ages
and breaks down in various ways. It demands sexual or other
forms of gratification. Even so. The body is an intrinsic part of
the package. It is your divine vehicle. Your gateway.

Humanity has overlaid a complex system of collective agree-
ments onto the body: The body is dirty. Its requirements of elimi-
nation are shameful. Menstrual blood, which is nothing more
than the neutral shedding of the uterine lining, is taboo in virtu-
ally every culture.

And then there are the agreed upon ideals of physical beauty
and youthful appearance, and the immense pain of self-abnega-
tion that comes with falling short of those ideals.

Shame and hatred for your own physical vehicle are deeply
woven into the human psyche—and therefore into the cells of
the body as well as the vibratory field you emit. If you could only
see the divine magnificence of the body’s true energetic potential,
you would clearly recognize the enormity of your error.

The Light of heaven can only be metabolized and brought to
Earth by a body that has been wholly forgiven by the self. A body
that is cherished and recognized as a sacred part of all-that-is.
Even though its shit may continue to stink. Even though it may
sprout gray hairs in increasingly unlikely places.

World religions and cultures have promoted the idea of body
shame and hatred, in part as a way of keeping you from dis-
covering your own divinity. Make no mistake. There is no more
surefire way of blocking full expression of the divine AS you,
than by refusing to witness the body in the truth of its perfec-
tion. The physical body is the wholly neutral gateway to heaven
on Earth. To lock the gate and bar the door is to simply never
experience that holy union.

(Yes, my higher self occasionally swore like a sailor on shore
leave, because that was sometimes the best way to get through
to me.) At the time, this lesson about bodies, frequencies and
divine energetic potential was received as shocking new infor-
mation. Nowadays my own ongoing experience with it testi-
fies to its undeniable accuracy.

~ Carrie Triffet, excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, © Copyright 2019

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