Week 8 – Seeing Clearly

This year, I’ll be sharing a section each week from THE FRICKEN MAP IS UPSIDE DOWN. From start to finish, from my heart to yours. From the big comfy chair.

Welcome to week eight of this free series. Settle into your own comfy chair, grab a mug of something nice, and read on.

(The following content is excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, by Carrie Triffet © Copyright 2019.)


Seeing clearly

One night a number of years ago, I was sincerely asking to see
how God sees. I truly wanted to be able to look upon the world
I live in, and find it innocent and holy. But it wasn’t happening.
Not even a little bit. So I was praying, asking for some kind of
pointer that would help me make this shift of perception:

You know everything about me, God. My thoughts, my beliefs.
You’re there when I fart. You’ve seen me have sex. But I know
nothing about you. Give me a hint. Show me how you see things.
Help me know you better so I can see the world as you do.

Cute, right? Like I said, it was a long time ago. Anyway, I
went to bed after that and slept as I normally would, dreaming
about nothing in particular. But I woke in the early morning
with a strong sense I was in the presence of a huge intelligence
of some kind.

It was vast, deep and immeasurably powerful. I wasn’t
alarmed by its size or power, because it felt thoroughly benign.
More than just benign—it was wholly suffused with the inno-
cent sweetness and radiantly gentle spotlessness of God. This
being, I realized, was Love and Light incarnate. And because
it was all of these magnificent things, I could feel within my
own mind-body-energy field that I was all of these things, too.

Yet I was puzzled. I felt I really ought to recognize this mas-
sive entity. It seemed so famous, so well known. I couldn’t
quite place it. Slowly the realization dawned:

Oh. My. God. This is the devil.

I was witnessing Satan—as viewed through a
completely pristine mind. Satan, seen from God’s perspective.

I’d been asking to see how God sees. This is how God sees.
This is what unconditional Love-Light is. Everything is made
of God, which means everything is witnessed and experi-
enced by God AS God. Everything is recognized as the pristine
perfection it really is in truth, no matter what sort of havoc
that perfection may be busy inflicting upon the world. Small
wonder I was having such a hard time, trying to embrace this
whole Love-Light-Awareness thing, eh?

The lesson provides a useful illustration of our shared human
dilemma. If we want to know Light and Love as our own true
identity, we can’t be dabbling in exclusionary thinking. It’s all
or nothing; everybody or nobody. If we deny the divinity in
anyone or anything (no matter how badly they may behave),
we deny it in everyone and everything.

As if that prerequisite is not challenging enough, we have
yet another hurdle to consider. To experience Love and Light
as who we really are, we have to be on a similar wavelength to
it. We can’t be invested in fearful anxieties about the future, or
caught up in believing stories about our own unworthiness,
because those ideas all reside on a different, more knuckle-
dragging frequency level.

Only in the past few years have I come to appreciate the role
of energetic frequency and vibration, as it relates to spiritual
evolution. Unconditional Love and Light are extraordinarily
high frequencies, and if our mental-emotional activity is not
a reasonably good match to these frequencies, we haven’t a
prayer of knowing those transcendent states firsthand.

And yet life on this planet inspires pretty much every one
of us to work overtime, creating fearful defenses and limiting
stories about ourselves and each other. We worry and fret, we
judge and condemn. We fill our wounded hearts with fire
and ice, or other numbing agents. The inevitable result, is
that our personal wavelength rarely comes within spitting
distance of the extremely high-frequencies where divine
Love and Light reside.

If you are spiritually gifted or exceptionally lucky, your angelic
guides might now and then offer you peekaboo glimpses of
the mind-blowing beauty of your own true identity. For years
I fell into the category of the very lucky, an enthralled tourist
snapping pictures of my own magnificence from the safety of
the tour bus. Yet I could never seem to own what was being
shown to me. It was far too bright.

A visit to a heavenly tourist attraction is a wondrous gift
for anyone to experience. It’s not even slightly mandatory,
however, along the spiritual journey. I have also come to
realize it’s not remotely the same thing as experiencing our
own true Love-Light identity for real. I brought back only
postcards and souvenirs, when I visited via tour bus. But I
come back forever transformed by Love-Light itself, each
time I’m able to own it directly—even just a little bit—as
my true identity.

I bring this up only to point out how peekaboo glimpses differ
from authentic embodiment of Love-Light, because I myself didn’t
understand the difference for many years. I could never figure out
why my cherished collection of Polaroid Love-Light snapshots re-
fused to develop into fully embodied knowings of divine truth.

Now I realize, in order to give us these careful tastes of our
own divinity, our guides put up helpful screens and veils so we,
the lumpy, carbon-based physical entities we are, don’t burn
to a crisp in the presence of our own glory. It’s a kindness, in
other words. And (despite the impatience of eager tourists like
me) it’s very necessary, until it isn’t.

If Love and Light were forced upon any aspect of the self
that actively doesn’t want them, or isn’t ready for them, an epic
clash of wavelengths would ensue. Love and Light would then
be experienced as a brutal spotlight interrogation at best, and
incineration at worst.

And this is why Love-Light-Awareness waits so patiently to
be authentically invited in. Not just by the conscious top ten
percent of your ego iceberg, but by the other ninety as well.
The cellular you, the physical you, is the determined secret
keeper on your behalf. It would shriek with pain and terror if
confronted prematurely with the unlimited, unflinching Light
of divine truth. And Love-Light-Awareness wishes always and
only to be kind.

Love and Light can only be fully embodied by an awak-
ened, undefended heart, powered by the high-wattage energy
field that is part and parcel of this divine state of being. Yet life
on Earth does not exactly seem to lend itself to this kind of
extreme attainment.

So is the Love-Light divinity deck purposely stacked against us?
I don’t know. Maybe.

These days, I prefer to regard life on Earth as an epic virtual
reality game. Each time we start from zero, with no memory
of earlier wins or losses. The point of the game seems to be to
load ourselves up with as many obstacles as possible, and then
see how long it takes to remember ourselves as God.

From the standpoint of a divine being (which you are), there
would be no advantage in remembering yourself too easily.
Where’s the fun in a game in which every roll of the dice pre-
dictably brings you closer to your guaranteed win?

More to the point, if our reason for being is to experience as
much as we can on behalf of the Absolute, we will set up the
game to be as nail-bitingly interesting as possible. Will she re-
lease her crippling fear of intimacy? Will he find peace within
the morass of alcohol addiction? Success is never certain, from
our limited perspective anyway. And that’s what makes it such
a kickass game.

~ Carrie Triffet, excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, © Copyright 2019

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