Week 7 – God and Creation

This year, I’ll be sharing a section each week from THE FRICKEN MAP IS UPSIDE DOWN. From start to finish, from my heart to yours. From the big comfy chair.

Welcome to week seven of this free series. Settle into your own comfy chair, grab a mug of something nice, and read on.

(The following content is excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, by Carrie Triffet © Copyright 2019.)

God and Creation

My new, insider relationship with the subterranean self was
the first and most obvious change to my spiritual worldview.

Yet it wasn’t only this softened attitude toward the egoic self that characterized my gentler, post-map landscape. I also found myself embracing a different sense of God, and the nature of creation. A different sense of why we’re here.

I didn’t actively go looking for a replacement definition of
God, or a different creation story. This wasn’t an intellectual
decision; it was done on my behalf, through divine grace. It
forms part of the new navigation system, which arose from the
spacious ground of not-knowing.

The ground of not-knowing, allows room for a perfectly
customized, divinely-inspired journey to unfold—one that’s
exactly right for each individual journeyer. It’s what happens
when you clear the slate of what you think you know, and instead
let your higher self reconfigure your spiritual navigation system.

The puzzle pieces that make up your perfect spiritual
worldview may or may not be the same ones as mine. They will
be the ones that lead swiftly and gently to your own liberation.

The customized spiritual navigation system I describe
throughout this book has been perfect for my own evolution.
It has lifted me beyond my stuck places with ease and grace.
That doesn’t mean my spiritual worldview is universally better.
It’s just what’s been perfect for me.

My revised sense about God and creation arrived without fanfare; these particular puzzle pieces quietly inserted themselves
into my worldview over the last couple of years, and for me
they’re a good fit. They form the living foundation for much of
what has occurred since.

I’ll explain the update with a brief review:

When non-dual teachings speak about God, the infinite mystery of pure void is what they’re referring to. Pure void is sometimes described as infinite, eternal emptiness. Which, paradoxically, brims with the latent potential for all-that-is.

‘The Absolute’ is another, possibly less confusing label for it.

This great emptiness-in-fullness can’t experience itself. It cannot stand apart from itself, to perceive or experience anything.

But not everybody agrees on this ‘prior to all that is-ness’
as the definition of the word ‘God.’ Not everybody traces God
that far back. And this is where creation comes into play.

Here is the creation story I find resonant at this time:

The Absolute chooses to experience its own great infinity. To facilitate this, a ‘deputy’ of sorts arises out of the emptiness-fullness, and is tasked with carrying out this choice. The deputy is itself made out of three intertwined raw materials of divinity. These are Love, Light and conscious Awareness.

Employing these same three raw materials as fundamental building blocks of creation (because no other raw materials exist), this deputy creates all-that-is. All that can ever be.

Creation is the deputy’s principal function, therefore the deputy can accurately be called the Creator. And the Creator is what many people, not surprisingly, think of as God. It’s what I think of as God.

The word ‘Source’ can also apply here. The deputy is the
Source of all that exists. Or you could just refer to the deputy
by its component parts: Love-Light-Awareness.

(A lumpier title, but technically accurate. Although I suppose it’s a little like saying, ‘Please pass the bottle of tomato-vinegar-spices,’ when you really mean ketchup.)

From here on in, I’ll be using the word ‘God’ interchangeably with ‘Creator’ or ‘Source,’ to mean the aforementioned deputy facilitator of the Absolute.

And as you’ll see throughout this book, the creation story described above (we are created so the Absolute can experience itself) is woven deeply throughout my own journey of the past couple of years.

~ Carrie Triffet, excerpted from The Fricken Map is Upside Down: Notes from a spiritual journey, © Copyright 2019

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