secret doorNote to self: There isn’t a single thing I would change about you
Even if I could.
Everybody talks about unconditional love. And it sounds awesome.
It also sounds like nothing we actually know how to do.
How to give love unconditionally to others?
This is how.
When you can sit in the presence of your own darkest shadow
And see all the stuff about yourself that you hate,
Or fear,
All those things you find ugly,
Everything you’re secretly ashamed of…
When you can embrace your own shadow self
Including all its cringe-worthy elements,
When you can say to your darkest self—and really mean it:
‘There isn’t a single thing I’d change about you
Even if I could…
(Yes, I still don’t like the things I don’t like about you. That hasn’t changed.)
But my love for you is way bigger than any of your limiting beliefs,
Way more constant than any of your dreadful behaviors.
My love is bigger than those extra 15 pounds you refuse to lose,
Bigger than the way you snort when you laugh
Bigger than the scars you insist on carrying
From way back when you were little.
My love for you is completely unaffected by all that stuff.
I’m here for you, no matter what.’
This is unconditional love.
And the moment you feel it authentically for yourself, you will instantly recognize
This is the only kind of love that actually exists.
The rest of it is shadow-puppet love.
Placeholder love.
Something to kill time (and relationships) with
Until the real thing comes along.
Be the real thing for your own beautiful self.
This is not a selfish act.
Once you feel the real kind of love for yourself
It becomes clear how to give this gift to others, too:

Feel absolutely no need to change a thing about them.
Let them remain as flawed, as blind or annoying as they want to.
And love them anyway.
It opens you up to a world of joy.

4 Replies to “NOTE TO SELF”

  1. This “Note To Self” blog was posted on my birthday. I have recently read “The Disappearance of the Universe” and the two books that followed that one by Gary Renard. Finally, something makes sense to me. This world is not real and the way to get back to Reality is unconditional love and forgiveness. My journey has now founds its path that explains everything that has led up to it. Ahhh…

  2. I keep a copy by our bed of your Crash Course so it is the last thing I read before sleeping. When I remember, that is. This Note to Self is the best thing I have read in a long time about Love. Thank you for your contributions to my Forgiveness journey in this life. Hopefully, I will wake up in Heaven and leave birth and death behind…soon!
    If you wouldn’t mind. I am very interested in finding clearer answers to the subject of Projection. Would you have more thoughts or know of an author who can help?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your comments. I’m working on a book right now that addresses the topic of projection and perception of enemies, both inner and outer. The book itself is not Course-related, but the subjects covered are very useful I think!

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