chakra-expandedThis morning, as is often my habit, in between the tooth brushing and the hot shower, I had a shit. It was an unremarkable shit, really. Hardly worth blogging about. I only bring it up because Steve opened the door unannounced and wandered into the bathroom mere moments after the flush. And as I stood in the shower, I noticed my own reaction. I felt slightly…responsible. Like I’d encroached a little bit on his right to a stink-free existence.
For me, the shower is always a juicy place of divine inspiration. So I went inward and investigated that slightly nonsensical feeling of shame. And then I turned my face toward divine Source for further illumination.
The message that came in response was immediate and direct—and although some of the details pertain to me, it’s clearly addressed to humanity as a whole. So here it is, without added commentary, in its somewhat startling entirety. Enjoy.
Your body is perfect. Your body is an indivisible part of a perfect system of creation, chosen by you. It is not an accidental byproduct of blasphemy.
 You are a unique individuation of the one Creator. At the inception of the soul, each human is gifted with a vertical column of light originating from divine Source. It is part of the non-physical aspect of the human body; the light runs vertically up the center of the physical body structure. This stream of light goes constantly with you, it is yours. It contains the full knowledge of your own individual aspect of divinity, your own true identity, and all the love that heaven holds for you. You couldn’t lose it if you tried—and you have indeed tried. Very hard.
 Your body is also gifted with a system of energy centers, a sacred octave, each one vibrating at its own unique frequency. Everything in your world, your universe, is composed of energy in motion. The body is no exception. Everything is vibration, operating at various frequencies from very low to very high.
 Unconditional love is a vibrational frequency—a very high one. If you want to embody the state of unconditional love (and you say that you do) it is merely a matter of raising your own energetic frequencies high enough to be compatible with it.
 You’ve been rapidly “climbing the ladders” from one frequency level to the next, of late. As a result, you fleetingly experience yourself as an undifferentiated field of unconditional love, indivisibly one with all that is.
 And you are asking: What holds me back from fully embodying the state of unconditional love? What holds me back from releasing the small self and choosing divinity as my true expression on this plane?
 This is it. This is what holds you back.
The body is a vehicle of divinity. It was always designed to be so.
Yes, it has uncomfortable urges, inconvenient needs. It shits, it farts. It ages and breaks down in various ways. It demands sexual or other forms of gratification at inopportune moments. Even so. The body is an intrinsic part of the package. It is your divine vehicle. Your gateway.
 But humanity has never seen it that way. It has instead overlaid a complex system of collective agreements onto the body: The body is dirty. Its requirements of elimination are shameful. Menstrual blood, which is nothing more than the neutral shedding of the uterine lining, is especially taboo in virtually every culture.
 And then there are the agreed upon ideals of physical beauty, and the immense pain of self-abnegation that comes with falling short of that ideal.
 Shame and hatred for your own physical vehicle is deeply woven into the human psyche—and therefore into the cells of the body as well as the vibratory field you emit. If you could only see the eternal magnificence of the body’s true energetic potential, you would clearly recognize the enormity of your error.
 The light of heaven can only be metabolized and brought to earth through a body that has been wholly forgiven by the self, a body that is cherished and recognized as a sacred part of all that is. Even though its shit may continue to stink. Even though it may sprout gray hairs in increasingly unlikely places.
 World religions and cultures have promoted the idea of body shame and hatred, in part as a way of keeping you from discovering your own divinity. Make no mistake: There is no more surefire way of blocking full expression of the divine AS you, than by refusing to witness the body in the truth of its perfection. It is the gateway to heaven on earth. To lock the gate and bar the door is to simply never experience that holy union.
 Do you wish to free yourself of your history, dear one, and unburden yourself of all your negative beliefs about the body?
Then rest now, in the divine light that I Am. And release every belief you’ve ever held about your own body, positive or negative. Empty out all the misinformation from your cellular memory. Let there be no interpretation at all, of what your body is. You have no idea of what your body is. Remain empty, and let yourself be shown.
(I did this. It felt…very unusual.)
Thank you, dear one. This is a process of letting go, and you have begun it. Your One Self rejoices.


  1. Carrie:
    Since I read your first book, I’ve felt a strong kinship to you. We’re about the same age and I, too, have dedicated this life to getting to freedom (from which follows unconditional love, because that’s our natural state, not the other way around)…and out from under the tyranny of the small self. What I call the False Self. So trusting that you are sincere in this, I am impelled to finally write you. What you call “Spirit” sounds more like the Clone False Self, or “The Voice.” The Clone takes the “truth” and keeps it in the physical, perspective…creating level confusion. There are lots of clues to this in what you write here. Freedom and Unconditional Love can only be achieved from the mental perspective, not the physical perspective. “Light, energy centers, octaves, frequency, ladder, metabolization, cellular memory” are all physical. We are fucked if the only way to embody unconditional love is to raise one’s own energetic frequencies. If the only way to raise energetic frequencies is to have unconditional love, and the only way to have unconditional love is to raise our energetic frequencies…it’s a cluster fuck. And it implies that we must “do” something. That’s typical of the False Self…fix the effects on the physical level by doing and hard work: practices, meditation, routines, habits…The Presence Process. When the True Self or God Self (or Spirit if you will)…does not use words and does not require work. It is there waiting to effortlessly and joyfully steer us to our heart’s desire when we heed it. However, the Clone False Self keeps us tricked and trapped by sounding like the True Self. Another clue is that this message treats the body as a separate (divine) vehicle. When it’s from the mental perspective, our minds, that we create our bodies. A pure virgin mind IS the Divine True Self — which we know well as babies and thus can never be lost. (And how “hard” does a baby have to work at raising its frequency?) Moreover, the shame and hatred for one’s own physical vehicle is largely a feminine issue. Because the masculine authority, since Adam and Eve, metaphorically, has made the feminine to blame, especially for its, the masculine’s, emotions. Whether we know it or not, we are always living from the mental perspective — beliefs creating our reality. All “cause” is in our minds, behooving us to clean up our false beliefs (in aging for example). For this, it is almost necessary to understand what role we are playing at any given time: the masculine or the feminine. Only the masculine can project (shame and hatred) — and this has nothing to do with one’s gender as we are always switching roles depending on the circumstances. In the feminine role, we unfortunately often “accept” these false beliefs from the masculine projection that our not even our own beliefs — unless we learn to discriminate by watching our own minds and paying attention to any emotions. Then realizing the emotions are telling us something is false. (Contrary to the conditioning we’ve received that emotions are telling us something is true)…and letting the lie go. HOWEVER, being a very adept, wily Clone Self…it does give you shreds of Truth. But only after locking you into the physical perspective — where it knows you’re trapped anyway so hell why not throw you a bone. Your body is a gateway to freedom, because that’s where emotions are felt (the Dark Goddess) — and the body cannot lie…unlike the false mind, home to the False Self. Yes, empty out all the misinformation (from your mind!). Remain empty…NO! This shuts off your discrimination. How can you watch your mind if you’re empty? That’s just what the Clone Self would love. Indeed, YES, freedom is a process of letting go of false beliefs. But from what we see on the physical level of “reality.” In order to be able to live from our True Self — the mental level of truth, where God intended us to live from all along. One last note: “Oneness” is also true…on the mental level! But we do not want to be “one” with other false selves on the physical level. Level confusion again. Discrimination (as distinct from “judgement”) prevents us from falling into other false selves’ trumped up beliefs and stories. By the way, I’ve been mentored by Cathy Eck for five years…and I am still constantly tricked by the False Self. Basic, rudimentary beliefs I’ve accepted as true because the collective deems it…feeding millions of baby beliefs. But the good news is that as I get more skilled at discriminating and letting go, having less beliefs…my Clone False Self has to try harder using more subtle tricks to keep me looking at situations as “real” and trying to fix effects from the physical level. The one word in your message that made me think you might want to hear all of this is “gateway.” Cathy’s blog is She also has a more simply understood website: Maybe your Clone False Self slipped up, after all. Because you will be able to get free if you implement these “secrets.” I have to tell you from experience, it does take some faith and tenaciousness and courage…it’s constant…but letting go really and truly makes life Heaven on Earth.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I thank you deeply for your concern. It’s clear how passionate and committed you are to liberation. I bless you on your path; it is unquestionably the perfect one for you.
      As for me, my path results in ever deeper, ever more frequent experience of myself as the divine — or more accurately, of the divine operating as, and through, me. In these periods of divine expression (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours) my perception opens and lifts into a sweetness and purity that words simply can’t express.
      It is an irrefutable recognition of truth, a true knowing of what is.
      My learning these days, is to sustain that choice for God (which I am now truly quite sure is the only thing I want, having grown utterly disillusioned with the impossibility of finding happiness or satisfaction in anything the world offers me.) So every moment becomes a clear choice between turning toward the light and fusing with it–or choosing to let myself be seduced back into believing my own worthless, juiceless opinions about anything or anyone. It’s touch and go. I choose correctly dozens of times a day, and incorrectly dozens more. I’m in divine transcendence or I’m in pain. I make mistakes, I get it right. It’s how the muscle gets built.
      I can tell you this much, with complete confidence: The small self is utterly unable to fake or approximate the sublime state of being that I have described above. The small self (or any of its cleverly disguised offshoots) has no role at all in divine experience.
      Truth is fully known, beyond any possibility of doubt. Not because I believe something somebody told me about what was true. Truth is recognized by me, through me, AS me, in a way that reverberates throughout the universe and beyond.
      So I thank you again for your concern on my behalf.
      May you be blessed. May Cathy Eck be blessed.
      With love,

  2. This is what hit me and it sounds downright impossible.
    “The light of heaven can only be metabolized and brought to earth through a body that has been wholly forgiven by the self, a body that is cherished and recognized as a sacred part of all that is”
    I want it to be a possibility for me so all I ask is that you follow through with it and write a book about it.
    no pressure. 🙂

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