notes from the fast track
It turns out enlightenment is no big deal, and entirely unmandatory on the spiritual journey. Incidentally, it's also as easy as falling off a log. Sound like the opposite of everything you've always believed? You're not alone, I assure you.

This video series is a bit different from any of my previous videos. No script, no lighting, no backdrops, no pro recording equipment. Just my computer and me, speaking off the cuff from pure inspiration.
Easy and Quick

Peace, a sense of ease and a knowing that you're one with all that's way easier than it's made out to be.
At The Movies

I'm pretty sure that what we think of as "enlightenment" is actually no big deal...and it's within everybody's grasp. Roll film.
Right This Very Minute
To know yourself as you really are in truth -- It's easy, and it's equally available to everybody.
No enlightenment needed.
Doubt-free faith in your own inherent right to happiness and doubtlessness really within your grasp? Yep, it really is. No doubt.
Your Divine Inheritance

Go grab a mug of something hot, and let's talk about just how rich you really are..
What is the Higher Self

It may not be what you think. (Or maybe it is.) Either way, isn't it time to get to know YourSelf firsthand?
Why do you want to Awaken?

Seriously, have you ever asked yourself that question?

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