about one-to-one facilitation
The first 30 years of my own spiritual journey were like a long, strenuous hike up a steep mountain. I expected it to be hard and it was. And I never got to where I wanted to go, because true peace and freedom were always just around the next bend. And the next. And then the one after that.

But things are different now. I'm no longer on that mountain. There is no more seeking for elusive states I don't already possess. These days my journey is more like a magic carpet ride that carries me aloft while I gaze at my daily life from a higher perspective. I don't steer the carpet—it charts its own unexpected course.

After I chose to let myself be lifted, has it all been lollipops and rainbows? Of course not. In every moment I am met with choices and challenges to see life in a new higher way. But that's no longer perceived as a steep climb; it's more of a wild and interesting adventure in liberation.

The same adventure is available to you: When you choose to be carried aloft, you'll soon see for yourself that the true spiritual journey begins when you leave the arduous mountainclimbing behind. You can let yourself be lifted and carried forward to much higher altitudes. If you want to. If you're ready. All it takes is the willingness and trust to leave the rocky mountainside behind.

I can help you with that 'willingness and trust' bit. Wherever you're stuck, I've probably been there too. More importantly, I have experience in getting unstuck. So if you're ready to set aside the hard (but oddly comfortable) job of seeking, and open up to the great unknown of your own true joy, contact me using the form below.

session length and pricing
No-Risk Introductory Session:
The purpose of the introductory session is to find out if you and I are a good fit. There's a facilitator for everybody, and I may or may not be the right one for you at this time.
The introductory session is one hour in length, at a price of $25 US.
At the end of the session, if one or both of us decides not
to continue working together, your $25 will be refunded.
If we do decide to keep working together, the $25 will be deducted from your next session. * (*Applies only to rate #1)
Two Tier Pricing
Rate #1 — The full rate: $75.00 per hour US
Rate #2 — Steeply discounted rate - for those who are experiencing extreme and ongoing financial difficulty: $25.00 per hour US

If we mutually decide to work together, we'll discuss your circumstance and your chosen rate tier, at the end of the introductory session. Future sessions will be priced at that agreed-upon rate.

Discounted Package Pricing
For Rate #1, ask about discounted package pricing. We can talk it over to see what number of sessions best supports your journey, and whether a package makes sense for you.

Once your introductory session is scheduled, you will be sent a PayPal invoice for $25 US. Please pay it in advance of your session.
Thank you.

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