Long Time No See -- WINNER OF A 2010 BOOK AWARD
Long Time No See by Carrie Triffet

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One part deeply personal memoir and two parts rip-snorting spiritual adventure, Long Time No See is a powerfully moving, occasionally profane, and often hilarious account of one person's single-minded search for enlightenment.
Carrie Triffet's true-life journey takes her from reluctant orthodox Jewish beginnings into a devout twenty-year practice of Nichiren Buddhism. Intending to remain a Buddhist for life, she is wholly unprepared when a profound awakening in 2005 unexpectedly changes everything, leading her insistently into a life beyond religion.

Join her on this odyssey that begins in the Midwest and travels to sunny Southern California by way of London, Paris, and the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Learn the metaphysical lessons oered by a swanky Vegas hotel room, a past life crime scene, and a ferocious lightning storm at 30,000 feet (among many others), as Carrie relays the messages of universal truth that she is given to share with us all.

This book contains Carrie's Spirit-inspired synopsis of A Course in Miracles, titled THE CRASH COURSE.

"Long Time No See clearly illuminates the principles of ACIM as they apply to everyday life...Did I mention it's also funny as hell?" ~ Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe

"We love this book! Filled with authentic guidance, this is a 'can't put it down' book that's spiked with joyous and irreverent humor. Carrie Triffet demonstrates how life is meant to be lived as a co-creator with God."
~ Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira, Co-authors of Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego

"The most exciting Course in Miracles-related book since The Disappearance of the Universe. And Carrie's Crash Course is a terrific intro to ACIM." ~ Joe Wolfe, founder of Spirit Light Outreach

"A riveting memoir, brilliant and personal, vibrant with spiritual insight. [Carrie Triffet] is heartbreaking in her transparency and hilarious in her uncanny perspectives . . . Written with fresh, oddball sensibility, this is soulful self-realization at its finest."
~ Sequoia Hamilton, Editor in Chief of Awaken Journal

a bit about The Crash Course
The Crash Course
Included as a supplement in the final pages of of Long Time No See, the Crash Course is a short, Spirit-inspired explanation of A Course in Miracles—a breakneck gallop through the 1200 or so pages of the Course's teachings. Written in common everyday language, the tone of The Crash Course is purposely a little bit blunt and irreligious, in obvious contrast to the often convoluted biblical language of the Course itself.

Stylistic differences aside, students of the Course will notice immediately that The Crash Course isn't a strictly literal or chronological synopsis of A Course in Miracles. Concepts have been arranged here in the manner in which they flowed most naturally and logically to me, which is not necessarily similar to the way the information is structured within the Course itself.

I take no personal credit for the The Crash Course. At the time it was penned, I had read A Course in Miracles exactly once. Looking through The Crash Course after it was completed, I was blown away by the obvious clarity of this broad overview, which was infinitely greater than my own understanding could have produced.

Let me point out that there is no connection between this Crash Course and Philip Urso's very fine series of podcasts and videos titled A Crash Course in Miracles. I accidentally stole his title, but he has very generously allowed me to continue to use it. I am grateful and apologize for any confusion this duplication may cause.

Download the Crash Course PDF here

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