THE FRICKEN MAP IS UPSIDE DOWN – Notes from a spiritual journey

5 STARS FROM READERS’ FAVORITE! 5-star-review-readers-favorite


Synopsis:  Carrie Triffet spent 33 years engaged in spiritual seeking. And it probably would’ve been 33 more…but then this happened.

Tag along on Carrie’s rebooted spiritual journey, as it unfolds in astonishing real-time detail: Epic past-life traumas uncovered and released. Soul fragments reunited. You’re right there with her, as she learns quantum forgiveness of self and others, and is taught what it’s like to radiate unconditional love for all.

Includes teachings and dozens of potent meditation exercises—offering the reader an entertaining breadcrumb trail toward inner peace and freedom.

Additional description:  Ever wondered what it’s like to experience temporary slices of Christ consciousness firsthand? Ever excavated to the bottom of your own psyche, just to find out what’s really been going on in there? Carrie goes fearlessly where very few dare to tread, and chats amiably about her findings with you, her travel companion, as she explores this unforgettable terrain.

This is a book for anyone who is curious about what it’s like to awaken spiritually. At the same time it’s a deep-dive into the exploration of awakened consciousness, equally relevant for serious spiritual adepts. The meditation exercises included in this book are the ones Carrie herself employed throughout this two-year journey of discovery. She offers them to all who may wish to embark on a similar journey. 

What’s the book title about? Over the decades of my spiritual journey, I followed two wonderful teachings/dogmas–the first one for twenty years, the second one for ten. For a long while each of these spiritual ‘roadmaps’ were  perfect for my journey.  But then they weren’t.

Each roadmap taught me many things. Yet neither of them led me to the direct experience of  transcendent inner peace I craved. Was there something wrong with those maps? Or was it me?

(Hint: It wasn’t the maps.)


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THE FRICKEN MAP IS UPSIDE DOWN is a treasure map to the Divine Christ presence within. It offers astonishing revelations and enlightened glimpses, as we travel with Carrie and witness her transfiguration in consciousness. This book is a multiple re-read.  Carrie turns the map right side up, for all to realize their own Divine Self, in this authentic diary of Awakening.”

~ Bill Free, Co-Founder, Teacher –

“Imagine dropping your worn out maps, and surrendering into the dance of the Divine. Carrie Triffet takes us to a higher ground, where we glimpse …the incredible miracles alive within us all. Follow these steps and they will lead you home.”

~ Maureen Muldoon, author, The Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life 

“Author Carrie Triffet shares her experiences on her spiritual journey…from the devastating ups and downs of her past to the extensive search for a promising future. Carrie writes in a way that is very open and personal; it is like having a conversation with a friend. Carrie’s spiritual journey is fascinating.  Her story is very encouraging; it sings with hope and inner peace. This book is perfect for those whose souls are hurting… or for anyone on a spiritual journey. A very solid book, inspiring and comforting.”

~ 5 Star Review, Readers’ Favorite

“Jaw-droppingly good…I greatly enjoyed this book. [Through reading it] I entered a journey of self-discovery and awakening. Highly recommended for those for whom awakening is the priority. ”

~ Gary Goldberg, host of IN THE SPIRIT Radio, WRPI, NY

We’ve created a number of  free audios associated with this book. There are a number of short guided meditations and exercises, and an extraordinary recording of the unified rose-gold Christ frequencies (sung, in this instance). These are the same energetic frequencies I speak about throughout this book, available in this short audio for listeners to experience firsthand.

The blended rose-gold frequencies of the divine feminine/divine masculine Christ — audio recording (2:35)                                                                                                                                                  Adele Robertson’s voice is featured here. Recorded live on the Isle of Iona. Readers will recognize Adele and our visit to Iona, from key moments described in this book.

The Awareness toolkit — Just about every exercise in the book begins with entering the state of present moment Awareness. I’ve recorded the following two simple mini-meditation exercises as a two-part practice, designed to help the listener develop this easy-to-master skill.

Part 1. Becoming familiar with radiant Awareness  — guided meditation exercise (3:01)

Part 2. Awareness in the present moment  — guided meditation exercise (4:47)  

Non-reaction and non-resistance — These are recorded by Leni Dubel, who also makes a couple of brief appearances in this book. Both of the following exercises, which were gifted to Leni by her Spirit Guides a few years ago, are simple to master, yet they produce profound results. I speak quite a lot about non-reaction and non-resistance throughout this book. Leni’s exercises are good, uncomplicated tools for developing these practices. She gives extra insight about how (and why) to practice them, in these two short recordings.

3. Non-resistance – The Healing Blueprint  — exercise (1:35)

4. Non-reaction – The Arrow Exercise  — exercise (1:11)


These buttons takes you to bookbaby, where you can buy direct from the publisher. Links to other major booksellers are also found on the bookbaby pages, if you’d rather buy from  iTunes, B&N, etc.

*PLEASE NOTE: I no longer sell books through Amazon. Sorry for any inconvenience.